Off we go again

Its been a long old summer of rest and recreation, for some more than others.

In July we said goodbye to Alexis at her last ‘Phoenix Nite’ Gig. Alexis is off to further her studies in music education at York University and we wish her well.

Our glorious Tenor section, Heidi Alexis and Andrea


A lovely hug from ‘Crusher’ Hignett. It left a lasting memory for Alexis, and possibly some bruising.

IMG_E2819 (1)


The aftermath of a Saathi End of Term/Bye Bye Alexis curry.  What a fine night on a very long table.

IMG_E2822 (1)

And so we look toward restarting rehearsals.

Over the Summer there have been major renovations of the driveway leading to the grounds of Hignett Towers. Luckily our illustrious MD has been very careful to avoid injury to his fine and delicate conducting / playing fingers by engaging our lovely vocalist Miss Barbara Hignett, no relation, and Ace Bassist Connor H to lay the flags. All nice and flat too.

We have a couple of gigs lined up soon so hope to see you there.