Ridley Hall February 2016

Another great residential rehearsal weekend at Ridley Hall.


The usual heady mix of intense rehearsal, great company, six nations rugby, Wylam Ale  & Snooker.

The revelries went on long into the night after the excitement of the inevitable TVBB ‘Perpetual’ World Snooker Championship victory by Dave and John. Won fair and square on this occasion but a close run thing!

Eldon Square Xmas ‘Carols’

Eldon Square didn’t quite know what had hit them when we played there last week during their annual charity fundraising event.

Spot Fungus the Bogeyman


We seemed to go down well with the shoppers, many thanks for your kind donations which go towards new music and other running costs to keep this great community band playing.

Heres what Bebop Spoken Here Blog site had to say about us.

Friday, December 11, 2015
The Tyne Valley Big Band & Santa’s Shoppers @ Eldon Square – Dec 10

(Review by Russell/photo from 2013 gig)
The hordes were out in force with just two weeks to go before…before that day in the year that we ‘bah humbugs’ look forward to with a curry and a bottle of beer. Santa’s shoppers were snapping up everything in sight, much of it to be put in a cupboard and forgotten about. Meanwhile, in the real world – known as the ‘jazz world’ – the Tyne Valley Big Band set up shop on Chevvy Chase. 
The TVBB, led by Dave Hignett, played some great big band tunes; Manteca, Mack the Knife, Minnie the Mooche and Joe Zawinul’s modern masterpiece Birdland. The hordes looked bemused, stopped and listened, some danced, one dude took to break dancing. A big band of twenty three (MD and trumpeter Hignett included) performed with bauble-busting enthusiasm. The band’s effervescent singer almost missed her cue on Sway. The antler-wearing Barbara Hignett had been spotted doing some last minute shopping in an adjacent branch of John Lewis! Shopping bags deposited, our vocalist strolled out front as if she’d been preparing in the (non existent) green room, took the mic and did the job! Boundless enthusiasm (expert use of triangle on Henry Mancini’s Pink Panther) is a key element to Barbara Hignett’s performance allied to a great soulful voice.
Inevitably Let it Snow, Winter Wonderland and Santa Baby made it onto the set list. Doc Severinson’s arrangement of In the Mood made the cut, as did Hayburner and Route 66. The Tyne Valley Big Band – a ten-strong saxophone section, four trombones, three hard-working trumpets and a four-piece rhythm section – is a talented, community-based band in the Tyne Valley, headquartered at Hexham. Catch one of their frequent public gigs as you’re guaranteed a great show. Stay tuned to Bebop Spoken Here for forthcoming dates.

Kev even found a handy place to hang his hat and coat while we played.




Phoenix Night

We recently had a great end of term night of Big Band music featuring the Tyne Valleys’ three flourishing Jazz ensembles starting with our junior band  the ‘Tyne Valley Jazz Ensemble’, followed by the ‘Tyne Valley Youth Big Band’ and Senior ‘Tyne Valley Big Band’.

The Tyne Valley Jazz Ensemble are growing in number and played a confident set to a packed audience.  Everyone had a solo to great applause.


Here we see Miss Andrea DeVere in fine form leading our lovely tenors during one of her storming and inspirational solos.


‘Don’t look at the trombones it only encourages them’


Any players left standing at the end were invited to play in a massed Big Band version of ‘Jungle Boogie’ to end a great night. A retiring collection was held with the proceeds in memory of our dear friend John Myers still sadly missed.

A quick getaway saw us at the Diwan e Am for our very last TVBB Curry night there as it has now unfortunately closed.


We have had many an excellent night at the Diwan e Am since the band started and we wish to thank them for their generous support of the band and putting up with us when we have descended ‘en mass’ late into the evening.


Congratulations to Ben and Rachel!

Congratulations to Ben and Rachel Heathcote on the arrival of our youngest potential recruit Xander Heathcote on 4th September.

Rumour has it that he is destined to be a trumpeter, great news Ben and Rachel, the world needs more trumpeters.  Well done to all concerned.


Joint Concert KEVI, TVYBB and TVBB!

We are gearing up to our next Concert with the KEVI Community Big Band in conjunction with our Youth Big Band the TVYBB on Friday 20th November at the Lower School Hall, King Edward VI School, Morpeth

Should be a great night of Big Band Music.

Tickets £5 Under 12’s free! Available on the night

Refreshments available from the VIP Brewery Bar

Further info. 01670 515415 (KEVI General office)

Last of the Summer Wine

Well here we are with our last gig at Gibside and end of year curry night distant hazy memories and all ready to start another year.




MD Dave with the dosh about to leg it to Weatherspoons for what turned out to be a very long night for some!


The Lamb Rhajastani proving a little hot for Mike of Arabia


We said goodbye but hopefully just au revoir to our star tromboner Dan, sadly leaving us to persue his studies in Barcelona. Good luck Dan.

We also see Mr and Mrs Heathcote sitting at the quiet end of the table as they are expecting their first child.  Our very first TVBB baby and future recruit.  Best wishes to all concerned.

IMG_8310 IMG_8438

Barbara (No relation) Hignett


Joined by our very special Uptown and Funky guest


Happy and Clappy in the sun


Thanks as always to our sponsors Wylam Brewery who have just been awarded a national best beer award


Dan at full stretch


Our lovely rhythm section concentrating very hard with special guest Caroline on keys


Becky with a lovely rendition of ‘Lonely Street’


Dans Swan song




Davros ‘the main man’ Hignett






That man again




We resume rehearsals very soon in preparation for our next gig in Morpeth, a joint concert with TVYBB and KEV1 band at King Edwards School in Morpeth.

(See Calendar for details)

Phoenix Night for John

We had an exciting and at times emotional night on Thursday paying tribute to our dear friend John Myers sadly no longer with us. John was an inspiration to us all and we will remember him.

We managed to squeeze three Bands into the evening with the Tyne Valley Jazz Ensemble starting the proceedings  and getting us in the mood for Jazz.


Our Junior band is going from strength to strength looking resplendent in their new Polos kindly provided by Herding Hill Farm Camp Site.


The band is fortunate to be helped and mentored by Niall Armstrong and Peter Drake on Saxes. As a member of ‘Alter Ego’ Niall is one of the top Jazz saxophonists in the region and played some inspirational Solos.


These young players have grown in confidence with everyone having a go at soloing in front of a packed crowd.


Next up were the Tyne Valley Youth Big Band with an exciting set.


Sadly some of the band will be leaving in September, here we see Conor on Tenor Sax with a great solo.




TVYBB playing a moving rendition of ‘Gospel John’ in special memory of John Myers.

Dave (Maynard) Hignett himself playing the brilliant Intro into Fintans left ear. Nice!

Dave might look a bit red in the face but it was the lights, honest.



Tyne Valley Big Band finished off the programme before a joint Big Band Finale version of ‘Birdland’.

Thanks as always to all our sponsors, Wylam Brewery, Herding Hill Farm Camp Site, Core Music, The Queens Hall and the Phoenix for allowing us to use the club to rehearse and use for the concert.

Many thanks also to the packed enthusiastic audience who made it such a great night and contributing to the retiring collection which Johns family will donate to a musical charity.

Many of Johns close friends and family were there to make it a special night.

‘Phoenix Jazz Nights’ Joint Concert dedicated to the memory of John Myers.

We will be holding one of our regular Phoenix Summer Jazz Nights on Thursday, featuring Tyne Valley Youth Jazz Ensemble, Tyne Valley Youth Big Band and Tyne Valley Big Band.

Spend an entertaining evening in the company of three wonderful jazz groups, all led by the inimitable and energetic Dave Hignett.

Junior band start at 6pm, Youth Band at 7pm & TVBB 8pm.

This evening will dedicated to the memory of John Myers who was an inspiration to so many musicians young and old alike. He was a dear friend to us and is missed by many.

A retiring collection will be taken and donated to charities of his family’s choice.

Northumberland County Show

Tyne Valley Big band is delighted to be the resident Big Band of the prestigious Northumberland County Show since it moved to its new site in the grounds of Bywell Hall.

Here we see our main man, Mr Moocher himself Dave Hignett accompanying Miss Barbara Hignett, (no relation), in ‘Minnie the Moocher’


The rain held off this year so we were spared the mud but a keen breeze kept us on our toes with our pegging down music skills.

Our lovely Sax section




Trumpets, with special guest Alex Hignett all the way from Devon.



Trombones ‘Don’t look at them it only encourages them’



And it did!

Dan in his last county show before leaving us in September to pursue his studies in Barcelona! Good luck Dan.



Rhythm Boys keeping warm and sheltering the band from the wind.



Thanks to our sponsors Wylam Brewery for providing some liquid refreshment during the Gig.


Great North Big Band Festival 2015 Two adjudicators awards and a prize!

We made our annual pilgrimage to the Great North Big Band Festival in Sunderland on Saturday. Now in its 12th year this national event grows from strength to strength attracting Big Bands from far and wide for a great weekend of Big Band Music.

We set off with a blast through the Flintstones theme at breakneck speed before slowing the pace for our vocal number.

‘Its so Quiet’ Shhh! featuring our amazing Vocalist Barbara Hignett (no relation)


We were delighted to be awarded two special adjudicators awards, one for the best and most entertaining programme of music and a special award for our amazing Tenor Sax player Andrea Devere for her outstanding contribution to the bands performance and ‘Raunchy’ Solos. Adjudicators Awards and Andreas ‘Flintstones’ Solo

The judges praised the band for our general tightness and good dynamics despite being a ‘Big’ Big band

Short Stop a nice little swinger.

Our final number ‘Live and Let Die’ featuring Ben Heathcote (Trumpet) Kelly Rose (Alto), Andrea Devere (Tenor) Dan Shaw (Trombone)


Our winning streak continued when our very own Tromboner Nick won a lovely bottle of red wine in the raffle.  Nick usually gets his wine delivered from his personal wine merchant, so is a bit of a wine buff. It did say ‘Smooth’ on the label, which is always a sign of quality, so well done Nick, Enjoy!

Here what ‘BeBop Spoken Here‘ had to say about the weekend .

MD Dave Hignett is a man big on talent (a top trumpet player) and big on enthusiasm. His Tyne Valley Big Band (all twenty five or twenty six, or not quite sure of the numbers) crowded the stage, someone fired a gun (metaphorically) and they sped off on several crazy laps of Theme from the Flintstones. You couldn’t help but smile. The show-stopping Barbara Hignett (vocals) stopped the show and, literally, silenced the crowd, finger to lips ‘Shhhh’ as she hushed It’s Oh So Quiet. Then, bang!!! What a showgirl! A dynamic Live and Let Die (Andrea DeVere, tenor saxophone), Tyne Valley Big Band-style. A community band to be proud of.

The adjudicators – Paul Jones and Mick Donnelly – deliberated. Heads together, their comments committed to paper, the bands (all nine of them) joined the audience to hear the results (including four additional Adjudicators’ Awards). Festival Director Bill Watson invited Professor Gary Holmes, Pro Vice-Chancellor, Sunderland University, to present the awards:
Adjudicators’ Award: Andrea DeVere (tenor saxophone) Tyne Valley Big Band
Most Entertaining Programme: Tyne Valley Big Band
The Youth Section attracted ten bands. The Tyne Valley Youth Big Band, buoyed by the success of the senior band in yesterday’s Open Section event, performed with verve. Birdland and the Youngblood Brass Band’s Brooklyn bookended a great set.MD Dave Hignett has really got the Tyne Valley buzzing with talented musicians beating a path to the band’s Hexham rehearsal base.