Covid19 (20,21) Update

Keen eyed viewers will note that we were planning a couple of post Covid lockdown gigs on June and July  Sadly these events have been cancelled or rescheduled so as it stands we won’t be up and running again until September at the earliest when we are hoping that things will be approaching normality.  (The calendar will be updated to reflect this if and when I can get it to work)!


The worldwide Corona virus pandemic has forced us into exile along with many other bands.

We have however used our time wisely to create our very own lockdown Video.


Thanks must go to our MD Dave Hignett for coordinating the project with our great friend  and “resting” keyboard player Kevin Wright who did the spadework creating the video from a multitude of parts and lockdown videos.

Thanks also to Caroline Guirr and Tom Cantwell who laid down the backing track to keep us in harness.

We are looking forward at some point in the future to resuming activities but this seems unlikely to happen until at least after the summer break. Hope everyone is keeping safe and well.


Off we go again

Its been a long old summer of rest and recreation, for some more than others.

In July we said goodbye to Alexis at her last ‘Phoenix Nite’ Gig. Alexis is off to further her studies in music education at York University and we wish her well.

Our glorious Tenor section, Heidi Alexis and Andrea


A lovely hug from ‘Crusher’ Hignett. It left a lasting memory for Alexis, and possibly some bruising.

IMG_E2819 (1)


The aftermath of a Saathi End of Term/Bye Bye Alexis curry.  What a fine night on a very long table.

IMG_E2822 (1)

And so we look toward restarting rehearsals.

Over the Summer there have been major renovations of the driveway leading to the grounds of Hignett Towers. Luckily our illustrious MD has been very careful to avoid injury to his fine and delicate conducting / playing fingers by engaging our lovely vocalist Miss Barbara Hignett, no relation, and Ace Bassist Connor H to lay the flags. All nice and flat too.

We have a couple of gigs lined up soon so hope to see you there.

Phoenix Nite and TVBB Curry Saathis

Pre Easter Phoenix Nite and TVBB Curry went down a storm last night. Great performances from the Tyne Valley Jazz Ensemble and Tyne Valley Youth Big Band.
No time to squeeze the TVBB in so it was off for a curry and the traditional ‘Handing over of the Whisky to our glorious MD Dave Hignett. (Straight no Chaser)
Thank you for the kind donations to the Mark Jon Bolderson Foundation who continue to keep Marks memory alive with the fantastic opportunities they are giving to young percussionists.

Tynedale Beer Festival, Corbridge.

This is the usually biggest event of our year and once again the crowds flocked to Tynedale Rugby Club. He we are perched perilously on the stage with MD Dave Hignett clinging on to avoid teetering off the edge.IMG_9558A view from Mike our Bass player. The tent filling up nicely.20180616_154743Here we see our fabulous vocalist Miss Barbara Hignett launch into ‘Minnie the Moocher’,accompanied by MD Dave Hignett (no relation) on trumpet and sink plunger.


IMG_1044It was great to see Alastair Lord putting in a guest appearance on trumpet.IMG_9569KevsIMG_9571An arty B&W one.IMG_9578

County Show Bywell

A new location this year saw us playing next to a man with performing sheep. (He was from Devon).

IMG_0993 IMG_0997 IMG_0998


TVBB, dancing sheep, traction engines & BEER from our sponsors Wylam Brewery, whats not to like?