TVBB at the Northumberland County Show

We had a great afternoon on Monday playing to entertain the crowds at the Northumberland County Show, Bywell.

Here we see our MD Mr Dave Hignett photo-bombing our altos with a special appearance by Sophie, who is not from Australia.IMG_2931 Andrea unleashing a solo on the unsuspecting crowdsIMG_2919 IMG_2921 Mike¬†sampling ¬†a drop of Wylam Gold courtesy of our sponsors Wylam Brewery. (The rhythm section communicate with each other with a variety of hand and arm signals loosely based on the dance moves of the Village People).IMG_2924It was great to welcome Dan back to the fold who flew in all the way from Barcelona specially for the occasion! Here we see the Tromboners all looking nicely relaxed before the frenzy that was ‘Sing Sang Sung’IMG_2930Ben in fine formIMG_2913 Mr and Mrs Moocher, no relation.IMG_2933No MUD this year so that was all good.